Triggr was designed around the concept of ‘targeted team response’ which we believe is the best way to get immediate help during crises time. What this means is that each of the Triggr sos buttons represents a unique case which the user should build a team of trusted people to respond whenever the user taps that button. The reason behind this is to have the right people help you quicklky.

After the user has assembled his response teams around the buttons, all the user needs is to tap the right button which represents the situation he finds himself, put the device in his pocket and let Triggr handle the rest.

Responding To Sos Alerts

Team Reports : This area is where you get reports of sos alerts triggered by other members of the team to which you “accepted” to belong. This area still contains some more features to help each team member respond as quickly as possible to the victim who triggered that sos alert.

  • VoIP Call : You can choose to call the victim immediately to provide verbal response without the need to search or type the victim’s mobile number as the number is added automatically.
  • Track Sos :You can track and get the distance and time to the sos location and provide physical support using google GPS navigation system.
  • GCR Center (Group Coordinated Response Center) : This is a group chat where you join with other members of the victim’s response team to coordinate response. This is created automatically for each sos