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A smarter and effective way to respond and manage emergency alerts triggered by employees and customers

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About Corporate Triggr



  • * Customized emergency alert and response system
  • * Achieve more successful closures to emergency calls
  • * More coordinated response to emergencies
  • * Builds patient to hospital trust and sense of security



  • * A customized emergency alert and response system
  • * Faster and coordinated response to emergencies(Accident and Car breakdown)
  • * Builds customers to company trust and improves sense of security
  • * Improves customers retention
  • * Provides more business opportunity



  • * A customized emergency alert and response system
  • * Improve incident to response rate
  • * Faster and coordinated response to emergencies( e.g Robbery, Kidnap)
  • * Improves sense of security within the estate
  • * Improves resident retention
  • * Provides more business opportunity


  • Receives accurate sos

    Receives sos broadcasts sent by group members

  • Map Tracking

    Keep track of the victim with map tracking

  • Group Chat

    Coordinate with the victim's family and friends

  • Quick SOS Response

    Respond to alerts within a minute with quick response options

  • SOS Transfer

    Transfer sos to the nearest personnel to incident location within a minute

  • Customized Interface

    A customized interface with company name and logo

Setup Corporate Triggr

To setup the Corporate Triggr app, you must first complete the registration form, go through our process of verification which can take a few minutes to 48 hours. Upon successful verification, you will receive an email with login access to Triggr portal to setup the corporate app in a device. Click here to Register

Triggr corporate app works by setting up groups (which can be private or public groups) in the portal, which will be managed by coordinators. Each group is managed by a coordinator and each coordinator is a device with Triggr corporate app installed.

To setup the coordinator app, simply enter the authorization pin provided after you setup the group.

Once the group is completely setup, publish it to the Triggr global system to be available for every Triggr app user to join.

Private Groups

Creating a private group means that the group coordinator must grant every member permission before they can join the group. This group is useful for organizations what want to manage a closed employee incident system. The organization can specify the group membership requirements when creating the group.

Public Groups

Creating a public group means that anyone can join and exit the group without the permission of the coordinator. This group is useful for hospitals and ngo who wants to listen to and respond to public sos alerts.



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