Without building a response team around an sos button, Triggr will offer you no help other than letting you know where you are and what happened to you. To be effective, the user needs to add contacts to an sos group called "Response Team". One thing the user has to bear in mind while building his response team, is to be sure the contact he wants to add has the right capacity to respond to that situation. For example you cannot send a request to a doctor to respond to your car breakdown sos alerts or asking your pastor to respond to your robbery sos alerts. Rather your doctor should be in your sickness team as well as your family members. Your religious leaders can respond to alerts of rape and flood because they have the capacity to do that. So for each of the sos buttons, the user needs to assemble the right individuals he trusts can respond to him faster. Triggr gives you the chance to build your own security team of trusted persons.

Triggr was designed with simplicity in mind but tries to maintain each user’s privacy. Nobody would want to be disturbed unnecessarily

To begin, you must first send a request to the contact you want to add to your team. Once he/she accepts your request, only then can you add the contact as a responder to that sos.Its that simple