Triggr Remote Pinging

Ping your lost device with another device to get the location your device and picture of the thief . this feature is simple use and setup, by understanding how to use this feature you stand a chance of recovering your lost device.

Triggr remote pinging increases your chances of getting your lost mobile device back. It silently takes the picture of the surrounding and takes the location of your device and sends it to a responder behind your Robbery SOS button you can now choose to track or call the device to know exactly where it is, if in the process of taken the picture of the surroundings the thief is making use of the mobile device it captures his face and sends it to your responders which narrows down your search It's simple: ping your lost device with another device using the 4 digit number you previously used to activate the Remote Pinging feature to get the location of your device and the picture of the thief. Note: The device used to ping your lost device must be a responder behind your robbery SOS for this to work or else this feature won't function


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