Triggr ShadowGuard

Be the first to know about any emergency situation happening around you with the triggr ShadowGuard feature, it covers about 500 metres around you and listens for any sos situation happening aroud you

The Triggr ShadowGuard helps you stay ahead of danger by alerting you of any SOS situation happening 500metres around you, which you can possibly avert. It listens and shares privileged SOS information with third parties within range, while protecting the private information of the victim. Meaning if an SOS alert is triggered around you, let's say 500 metres , the ShadowGuard automatically alert you but hiding the identity of the victim. The ShadowGuard is a preventive feature,rather than heading towards danger without even knowing it the Triggr ShadowGuard alerts you on time to take cover, alert the police or take another route in cases of high way robbery, riot, attackers etc.


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