Triggr 3rdeye

The concept of the Triggr 3rdeye is having your friend, loved ones, family member or anyone of your choice watch your back in real time during an event, which could be, traveling, visiting a friend etc

3rdEye automatically alerts preselected third eye member if your mobile device goes off/offline including in it the last known location of the device before it went off .As a 3rdeye member you could try to locate and assist the person and where necessary with the evidence of the last known location you can involve the police or otherwise 3rdeye quietly notifies the 3rdEye members ones the device goes offline; and if it remains off for an hour it further sounds an alarm notifying the 3rdeye members accordingly. As a 3rdeye event creator you can; 1) Create an event 2) Request to add your 3rdEye members (you can only add a 3rdeye member, if and after they accept your request) 3) Start and stop an event (every event completed should be turned off) As a 3rdeye member, you can: 1) Check the location of the person your watching at any active time 2) Be alerted when the person’s device goes offline If before the expiration of an hour your mobile device comes back online, the 3rdEye memebers will also be notified Note=The device can only sound a noisy alarm if it's remains offline after an hour, but if it comes back online before the expiration of an hour, 3rdeye will only notify you and wont escalate to an alarm. Note= Tracking by the 3rdeye members can only be stopped if the person stops the event


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