How To Add A Responder On Triggr

Add any number of people you want behind an SOS button, minimum of one maximum of nothing and alert all of the with just a click.

How To Add A Responder On Triggr (1) Click on the "Responders" tab. (2) Choose the SOS situation of interest. (3) Click the ADD RESPONDER. (4) Select the desired responder from the TRIGGR CONTACTS list, type your default SOS message & send. Repeat steps 3 & 4 to add as many preferred Triggr contacts you want in the SOS group. If your desired responder in not already a Triggr user, follow the How To View Or Invite A Contact In Triggr steps above to invite them. (5) Wait & check for an acceptance message (in your notification tab) from the desired responder. (6) Click & open the notification message & Add to group”. (7) Repeat steps 4 to 6 for other SOS groups.


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