Fast And Accurate SOS Broadcast

Triggr only takes a maximum of one minute to send an SOS alert to the victims response team including in it the victims GPS location and route to get to the victim.

The whole concept of Triggr is to build your team [minimum of one maximum of none]of trusted responders behind an SOS button of your choice and alert them easily with a click of a button, there by drastically increasing your chances of being rescued. Which would you prefer,alerting 20 people with just a click or try to call one person who might not be available at the moment and try to explain to him/her of your situation. Every SOS alert sent by a victim through triggr goes with the victims sos case,GPS location, Map direction,which is, route to locate the victim and also activates the Triggr Auto Tracking to help the team of responders track the victim. When an SOS alert is sent triggr takes the exact GPS location of the victim and sends it to his/her team of responders who in turn will be able to track the victim using the Triggr Auto Tracking feature.


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