Triggr Active Power Button

The Triggr Active Power Button was designed to help you broadcast your SOS situation faster and swifter, by pressing your power button twice you can send a "Panic" SOS without having to open the app which might not be convenient at the time

Triggr Active Power Button was built to address the problem of having to open the app to send an SOS which might be slow considering the situation or might not be convenient at the time. With the Triggr Active Power Button you can quickly send an SOS alert only by double clicking your mobile power button. It's that simple, and just like any other feature on Triggr you have to first activate it for it to function To activate this feature add responders, who could be your friend ,family members, estate security vigilante or anyone of your choice behind the "Panic" SOS button and activate your mobile power button via the "Triggr Settings"and it's active. Double clicking your device power button sends and SOS alert to all the responders behind your "Panic" SOS button attaching your GPS location and how to get to you, it's also activates the Triggr Auto Tracking, which will track the victim till he/she is found and rescued. ones help has been received the victim should turn off the active sos to stop the tracking. It's very helpful in cases of Kidnap, Sickness in form of heart attack , Accident, Rape etc If by any chance your device power button is not active you can use the Drop Down SOS Buttons to triggr a quick SOS. Note, you must have a responder behind the Triggr "Panic" button for the power button feature to function.


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