Triggr Anti Device Theft

Triggr not only help protect you but helps you recover your stolen mobile device by showing you the picture of the thief and location of the device, works like a charm

To get this feature working on your triggr app all you have to do is download the Triggr app on Google Play Store add people behind the "Robbery" SOS button, who could be a friend, family members or anyone of your choice(responders),activate the Triggr Anti-theft using any password of your choice and your good to go. Ones the thief tries to access your mobile device using the wrong password twice your device will silently take the picture of the thief and location of the device and send it to the response team you added behind the "Robbery" SOS button( friends,family members or anyone of your choice) which they will in turn show it to you, it's that simple and it works like a charm It is also important to note that this feature works perfectly when you have one or more responders behind the "Robbery"SOS button, without that it can't function properly.


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