About Triggr

Triggr Emergency Mobile App was built to get you one step ahead of being the casualty. Triggr gives you the opportunity to build your own response team behind any SOS button of your choice

The triggr system is an ongoing project rooted in 3 key concepts : Simplicity : Triggr mobile app was designed for the man or woman on the street with little or no formal education. It is simple to use Fast and Accurate Information Broadcast : triggr takes the initiative that if a crime, a security situation or an emergency can be reported or transmitted earlier ( either before it occurs , while it is still in progress or immediately after it occurs) to a large number of the victim’s close or trusted friends, family members, colleagues as well as any nearby government agency responsible for handling that situation, we increase the victim’s chances of getting help and surviving. Criminals get away after committing a crime because information did not get out as quickly as possible to right personnel. Collective Team Support : Triggr was built around the concept of collective team support (CTR- Collective Team Responders) , yet it tends to separate each of the security situation the individual may face. It allows the user to build his/her own team of trusted responders for each sos situation while also joining other teams, such that whenever the user triggers the sos button, the sos team gets alerted and can assemble in a group chat (RGC) to coordinate response When an SOS alert is sent Triggr takes the exact GPS location of the victim and sends it to his/her team of responders who in turn will be able to track you using the Triggr Auto tracking feature and through the help of (RGC) can quickly coordinate response


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