Triggr Emergency Mobile App

Collective team support

Collective Team Support: Triggr was built around the concept of collective team support (CTR- Collective Team Responders), yet it tends to separate each of the security situations an individual may face. It allows the user to build his/her own team of trusted responders for each sos situation while also able to join other teams; such that whenever the user triggers the sos button, the sos team gets alerted and can assemble in a group chat (GCR) to coordinate response. Triggr provides teams with the GPS location of the triggrer (victim) & a way to track the person victim etc. Triggr® can therefore provide situational analytics for individuals, corporate organizations, security/emergency operators, communities and governments. It is currently available on Android and IOS platforms. It covers 12 emergency types including kidnapping, robbery, violent attacks, rape, sickness, accident, car breakdown, fire, flood, stalking, riot, and gas leakage. After the user has setup his response teams, he only needs press his power button or tap the corresponding button that represents his situation, while Triggr handles the rest. Triggr determines and broadcasts the emergency/crime location (with exact address), type of emergency, time of the incidence, and the nearby related service providers. In crime incidences like kidnap and robbery, Triggr automatically activates tracking. If the victim is offline, Triggr sends these pieces of information as SMS to the responders. On receiving the SOS alerts, a responder can choose from a list of response options including SMS, free internet call, or group chat discussion. When the SOS situation has been resolved, the victim can close the case (and the auto tracking) by turning off the SOS button to let the responders know the situation has been resolved.


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