Yeah! triggr what ?

Its all about your safety in this rapidly changing world

Triggr is an sos alert and response system that lets you quickly and quietly alert (broadcast) your real-time emergency or security situation to your ‘Response Team’ ( This is a group of preselected trusted contacts the user had assembled to respond to that kind of emergency situation) for quick response and rescue.

Triggr is an on going project which aims to help the average individual on the street use his mobile device not just for his pleasure and window to other parts of the world but something he can use to protect himself and get quick, assured help whenever in emergency or life threatening situations.

Triggr was designed around these key concepts:

  • Simplicity : Triggr is simple to use once you understand how to build your response team around an emergency situation. All you need to alert your team is a tap on the right button which represents your situation and alert all the contacts you have assembled under situation
  • Fast , Quiet and Accurate : Triggr takes the initiative that if an emergency situation can be reported or transmitted earlier ( either before it occurs , while it is still in progress or immediately after it occurs) to a large number of the victim’s ‘trusted’ friends and family members as well as any nearby trusted agency responsible for handling that situation , we increase the victim’s chance of getting help and managing that situation. Triggr takes away the stress and time for making long calls seeking help which might not be feasible when in life threatening situations, by broadcasting the situation, with the location to the victim’s trusted contacts with possible quick response options to help the victim,Triggr helps you stay one step ahead of being the casualty.
  • Trust : We live in a world of uncertainty and in most cases only our trusted friends and family members will be the first to respond when we need help. Triggr provides the opportunity to assemble your family and friends around a situation and alert all of them with just a push of a button.
  • Response Team : Without building a response team around an sos button,Triggr will offer you no help other than letting you know where you are and what happened to you. To be effective, the user needs to add contacts to an sos group called "Response Team". One thing the user has to bear in mind while building his response team, is to be sure the contact he wants to add has the right capacity to respond to that situation. For example you cannot send a request to a doctor to respond to your car breakdown sos alerts or asking your pastor to respond to your robbery sos alerts. Rather your doctor should be in your sickness team as well as your family members. Your religious leaders can respond to alerts of rape and flood because they have the capacity to do that. So for each of the sos buttons, the user needs to assemble the right individuals he trusts can respond to him faster. Triggr gives you the chance to build your own security team of trusted persons.

Triggr comes with exciting features and powerful back end functionality to manage emergency situations intelligently. Some of the features include :

  • Managed Sos : Each SOS situation is represented by a button and each of the buttons represents an sos response group that the user can add contacts to receive sos alerts (Response Team). The user can turn on to alerts his/her pre-selected contact of the situation and turned off after the situation has been resolved .

    Note: Only when a user accepts your request to join the team can you successfully add the user to your team.
  • Notification Area: This is the area where you get response to the request messages you sent and request messages sent to you as well.

  • My Report Area: This is the area where you manage the sos reports (alerts) you triggered. This area has some additional features :
    i. GCR Center ( Group Coordinated Response Center ) : This is a group chat automatically created by the system to enable the user’s response team to come together and coordinate response. This group chat is managed by the victim that triggered the sos and will be deleted once the victim deletes the sos report from this device.

  • Team Reports : This area is where you get reports of sos alerts triggered by other members of the team to which you “accepted” to belong.

    This area still contains some more features to help each team member respond as quickly as possible to the victim who triggered that sos alert. These additional features include :

    • VoIp Call : You can choose to call the victim immediately to provide verbal response without the need to search or type the victim’s mobile number as the number is added automatically.
    • Track sos :You can track and get to the sos location yourself and provide physical support using google GPS navigation system.
    • GCR Center (Group Coordinated Response Center) : Unlike the GCR center found in the My Reports area, here you join with other members of the victim’s circle to coordinate response.

  • Panic Button

    Triggr comes with a panic sos button which can be easily activated by pressing the power button of your device twice .It works whether the app is in foreground or background and can be deactivated from the panic button in the app.

  • Works Offline : Triggr works offline too. When the device is offline, Triggr sends the sos out as normal sms to the sos group with the GPS coordinates of the sos location

    Offline feature is disabled temporarily

  • Auto Tracking : Tracking is automatically enabled for sos situations like kidnap and panic button which might require change of location of the user. Once the user turns off the sos, tracking stops.
  • Anti Theft :

    This feature locks your device, secretly takes picture of any one who wrongly enters your password twice, starts a panic SOS alert and send the picture of the person, together with the GPS location of the device. It also initiates auto tracking to monitor the device. Tracking can only be stopped by closing the panic sos case in the app.

    This feature might request for additional permission to draw over other apps.

  • Evidence Center

    Most people lose cases of assault or any crime against them simply because there is no credible evidence to back up their cases. Triggr provides you with the ability to capture live picture evidence and share with your responders for reference

Triggr was designed around the concept of ‘targeted team response’ which we believe is the best way to get immediate help during crises time. What this means is that each of the Triggr sos buttons represents a unique case which the user should build a team of trusted people to respond whenever the user taps that button. The reason behind this is to have the right people help you quicklky.

After the user has assembled his response teams around the buttons, all the user needs is to tap the right button which represents the situation he finds himself, put the device in his pocket and let Triggr handle the rest.

Triggr will first try to determine the user’s current location. This action might take a few seconds to 2 mins maximum. This is because of the limitations in mobile devices to determine accurate location at one reading. Once your location is determined, Triggr next checks if the device is online or offline. If online, proceeds to translate the GPS readings to real addresses before alerting the user’s contacts in that sos group.

If offline,and a victim initiates an SOS alert Triggr send the alert via sms message to the contacts in that group, with the name of the victim, the SOS initiated by the victim and a GPS coordinates.

On receiving the sos alerts, each of the response team member can choose any of the Triggr quick response options to respond quickly or go to the group chat called GCR – Group Coordinated Response- to discuss with other team members on how possible to help the victim. When the sos situation has been resolved, the user is expected to close the case by turning off the sos button to let the group members know the situation has been resolved, which also stops the auto tracking.

Who can use Triggr ? Triggr was designed for the safety of humanity. This means that anyone can use it,individuals, families, corporate organizations and anyone with safety in mind

Triggr was designed with simplicity in mind but tries to maintain each user’s privacy. Nobody would want to be disturbed unnecessarily. Therefore, you must first send a request to the contact you want to add to your team. Once he/she accepts your request, only then can you add the contact as a responder to that sos.
The user has two free spaces to add a responder to each sos button after which he can purchase more space.

triggr Setup for Individual Users
  • Download triggr app from play store (only android)
  • Register with your preferred name, email address, and profile picture/image; to create a profile
  • Start building your response team, emergency can happen any time.